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Key Features At A Glance
Tilted Ergonomic Design
Tilted Ergonomic Design

Complete operation can be performed from one position

Unobstructed access to the lower bead for lubricating
Moveable Rear Column

Adjustable to handle up to 50-inch diameter tires
Bead Roller System

Gently loosens beads

Perform all bead loosening from an upright position

Wheel Protection
Wheel Protection

Polymer mount/demount head resists marring of rims
Motor and Drive
Motor and Drive

15- and 7-rpm clockwise speeds, 15 rpm counterclockwise speed

850 ft-lbs. of torque
Side Shovel Bead Loosener

Familiar side shovel design with standard protector sleeve

Services motorcycle and ATV assemblies

Center Clamp and Adjustable Clamp Support

  Simple clamping technique for all designs

  Cam action multiplies clamping force

  No need for flange plates

  Three height positions

  Protection provided for reverse designs

  Adjustable column for maximum diameter range

Blast Inflation Makes Inflation Easy

  Directs bursts of compressed air to easily seat the bead

Match-Mounting Made Easy
Hunter's TC3700 and Road Force® GSP9700 wheel balancer eliminate vibration problems, reduce comebacks and increase customer satisfaction.
The bead rollers safely hold the tire stationary while the rim is rotated to complete match-mounting.
Site Requirements


Shown with optional Plus Roller
TC3710E / TC3715E
TC3300 / TC3305 / TC3315
Power Requirements   208-230V, 12A, 60Hz, 1 ph NEMA 20 amp plug, L6-20P   208-230V, 12A, 60Hz, 1 ph NEMA 20 amp plug, L6-20P
Air Supply Requirements   115-145 psi (8-10 bar)   115-145 psi (8-10 bar)
Shipping Weight   708 lbs (321 kg)*   515 lbs (234 kg)* **
Shipping Weight with Wheel Lift   850 lbs (386 kg)*   657 lbs (298 kg)* **
Width (W)   43 in. (1,092 mm)***   43 in. (1,092 mm)***
Height (H)   72 in. (1,829 mm)   72 in. (1,829 mm)
Depth (D)   43 in. (1,092 mm)   43 in. (1,092 mm)
* Add 76 lbs (34 kg) to weight for bead press arm 
** Add 89 lbs (40 kg) to weight for Plus device
*** Add 10 in. (254 mm) to width for wheel lift 

Key Specifications
TC3710E / TC3715E
TC3300 / TC3305 / TC3315
Mount / Demount Tool   Polymer Mount Head   Polymer Mount Head
Clamping Type   Center w/Quick Clamp and Cam Plate   Center w/Quick Clamp
Bead Loosening Type   Rollers or Shovel   Shovel
Match Mounting Capable   Yes   No
Adjustable Clamping Height   Yes   No
Rim Diameter Range   10-28 in.   10-22 in.
Maximum Tire Diameter   50 in.   50 in.
Maximum Wheel Width   19 in.   17 in.
Drive   7 and 15 rpm CW 
15 rpm CCW
  15 rpm CW 
15 rpm CCW

Download TC Series Spec Sheet (.pdf)

Clamping Adaptors

Flange plates for plastic-faced wheels and/or reverse wheels. RP6-G1000A87)

Clamping kit for 19.5" wheels. (20-2341-1)
Bead Press Arm
Pushes and holds stiff sidewalls in the drop-center to ease mounting. 
Wheel Lift Package
Eliminates manual lifting. Polymer-coated wheel-contacts protect the finish on custom wheels. 


Product delivered to international markets may differ slightly in content to domestic product. Please consult your local distributor for details.