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Key Features At A Glance
Balances the Entire Wheel Assembly!
Hunter’s on-vehicle balancing system utilizes long-proven strobe and spinner technology to provide a quick and accurate balancing on-the-vehicle.

Handles heavy-duty truck, bus and passenger-car wheels including drive wheels.

Flashing strobe indicator pinpoints exact placement of wheel weights.

Simple, fast setup requires no special wheel adaptors or attachments.

Solid state integrated circuit design.

Balances any size wheel, standard or custom, up to the capacity of the wheel spinner.

Pickup assembly can be positioned to detect both static and dynamic imbalance.

Weight required is shown on the strobe balance indicator; weight location by the flashing light.
The Strobe Balancing System balances the entire wheel assembly, helping technicians detect a wide range of imbalance conditions.
Flashing Strobe Indicator

  Flashing strobe indicator pinpoints exact placement of wheel weights.
Balance Indicator

  The amount of weight required for an accurate balance is shown on the balance indicator.
3-Position Sensitivity Switch

  3-position sensitivity switch allows adjustment for small, moderate or large imbalance.

Front/Rear Switch

  Front/Rear switch compensates for phase switch between drive and non-drive wheels

Strobe & Spinner Groups

Strobe balance indicator (115V, 60 Hz, 1 ph), pickup assembly with truck/passenger car probe, accelerator prop and steering wheel holder

Same as EB but includes combination seat/equipment carrier

Wheel spinner (8 Hp, 208V/230V, 60 Hz, 3-ph, NEMA style L15-30P plug)†


ED Strobe Balancer Kit 

Optional Accessories

Universal pickup (for strobe)


138-83-1 Wheel Spinner 
(Must be purchased separately.)
† 30 amp, or greater, slow-blow breaker recommended.


Product delivered to international markets may differ slightly in content to domestic product. Please consult your local distributor for details.