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Key Features At A Glance
Hunter alignment systems make truck and bus alignment service fast, simple and profitable
The Hunter WT Series Heavy-Duty Alignment Systems utilize a powerful computer, Microsoft® Windows® 7 and exclusive WinAlign® HD software to deliver alignment features specifically for heavyduty truck, trailer and bus applications.
Hunter WT443
Hunter WT443
Hunter WT443 console shown with optional DSP506TXF Sensors.
optional cordless sensors
Optional cordless sensors are faster to set up and easier to use.
Widest Scope of Application

  More than 60 heavy-duty axle configurations.

  Step-by-step instructions for sensor placement, measurement and adjustment are provided on-screen.
Heavy-Duty Vehicle Specifications Database

  WinAlign HD software includes a complete specification database as supplied by major heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers.

  Light-duty specs are also included.

  Sensors measure wheelbases up to 600 inches on trailers.

  500 inches on trucks.
Wireless / Cordless alignment "No strings attached!"

  No toe lines or "strings."

  Cordless sensors (optional).

DSP506T alignment sensors
Hunter DSP506T alignment sensors use a Digital Signal Processor to process data at the sensor, speeding the display of alignment information to the console.
Rugged Sensor Design

  Integrated electronic components enhance reliability.

  Hard shell cover is made of the same bulletproof material used in fighter jet canopies.

  Impact-prone areas are protected by integrated bumpers.
Self-Centering Adaptors

  Self-centering adaptors are light, rigid and offer high versatility for trucks and buses with lowhanging bumpers or air dams.

  Fits wheels 15 to 28 inches (with optional extensions) in diameter.

  Optional Hub Center Adaptors are available for specialty and hard-to-mount wheels.
No Cables Between Sensors and Console

  XF transmitter in each sensor sends data to the console. Signal is virtually uninterruptible even by solid objects.

  Low-cost rechargeable batteries provide a full day of continuous operation.

  “Hot-swap” batteries without interrupting the alignment job.

  Docking stations** recharge sensors between jobs.
No Toe Lines or "Strings" Between Sensors

  Optical infrared emitter/CCDs read cross-toe, front-to-rear toe and wheelbase / trackwidth.

  Solid state digital inclination transducers measure caster, camber and S.A.I.

Align Trailers Too!
Optional Trailer Alignment Gauge Tool (shown in use with optional DSP506TXF Sensors) mounts sensors to the trailer kingpin. Trailer axles are adjusted to centerline.
hub center adaptor
175-284-1 Optional Hub Center Adaptor for mounting sensor to hub center of front rims (two required).

WinAlign HD software simplifies heavy-duty alignment...
Hunter WT443
Hunter WT443
optional cordless sensors
Bushing adjustment display shows the required bushing and positioning that’s necessary to make desired change in caster and camber on twin I-beam and other trucks.
Vehicle Specification Database

Select the vehicle type from the on-screen list and the aligner provides the O.E.M. alignment specifications. WinAlign HD software compares the vehicle’s current alignment measurements with the specifications and then shows the technician the adjustments needed to bring the vehicle into alignment.
Color Measurement Displays

The aligner displays color-coded camber, toe and thrust angle measurements after compensation. Caster, S.A.I. and I.A. are displayed following caster steer. Green means the adjustment is within O.E.M. specifications; yellow means it is marginally within; and red means it is out of alignment.
Automatic Bushing Calculator® Feature

  There are over 10 million light-trucks with twin I-beam or solid axle suspensions, that use special bushings to adjust camber and caster. ABC cuts adjustment time in half for 20% of these vehicles!

  The display prompts the technician to enter data for the current bushing, including size, shape and position of the bushing.
optional cordless sensors

...and speeds alignment adjustments
wintoe alignment adjustment system
WinToe displays tie rod adjustment (not toe adjustment) required to set front toe to spec and center the steering wheel.
easy to read adjustment screens
frame offset angle display
WinToe® Alignment Adjustment System

  Some newer Freightliners feature rack and pinion steering, which requires the adjustment of two tie rods. WinToe software simplifies this adjustment procedure to eliminate repeated adjustments and virtually ensure a centered steering wheel on the first try.

  Eliminates the need to readjust toe on one side because of movement on the opposite side. Works with all vehicles on the road today, from cars to Freightliners.
Easy-to-Read Adjustment Screens

WinAlign HD automatically calculates alignment adjustments for the technician. As the adjustment is made, the arrow moves across the bar graph target. When the adjustment comes with specification, the bar graph changes from red to green.
Frame Offset Angle Display

Exclusive Windows-based WinAlign software measures frame offset angle and calculates adjustments to frame centerline, if a frame reference alignment is needed.

Accurate to 600 inches on trailers, WinAlign HD supports the widest range of axle configurations using wireless / cordless sensors. Software includes selections for trucks, buses, trailers and dollies.
accurate to 600 inches on trailers

Additional features enhance alignment service!
Remote indicators speed alignment service
remote indicator
Icon Cordless Remote Indicator (30-421-1)

Hunter Remote Indicators are designed to provide the operator with complete control while making adjustments to the vehicle.

Icon Cordless* Remote Indicator (30-421-1)

Includes hanger kit with remote hanger recharge and 30-foot cable.

Icon Remote Indicator (30-419-1) 
Includes hanger kit and 30-foot cable.

Cordless communication requires 20-2072-1 XF Pod.


* Requires Digital Photo / Video options. Features are standard on WT200 Systems and optional on WT100 Systems.
** Patented
Key Features At A Glance
PowerSlide® Edition Saves Time and Hassle!
PowerSlide Locking System
Trips Around the Car with PowerSlide

FIA / Inflation Station Edition Maximizes Productivity!
Fully Integrated Alignment with Inflation Station and PowerSlide
* Alignment console sold separately

18,000-lb. Capacity
18,000-lb. Capacity

  Best in class!
Integrated Air Line Kit
Integrated Air Line Kit

  Convenient power for air tools at front and rear
Louvered Locks
Louvered Locks

  Ensure runways are level at all 16 lock heights

  Galvanized cables for long life

Power Unit
Power Unit

  Powerful 3-hp motor

  Valve-controlled descent

  Filter/lubricator standard
Pins and Pulleys
Pins and Pulleys

  Large diameter iron pulleys with teflon bearings ensure long life

  Chrome-plated pins
Umbilical Covering
Umbilical Covering

  Strong and flexible

  Protects air and hydraulic lines from damage

Open Front
Open Front

  Allows easy access to adjustment points and jacks
Two Swing Air Jacks
Two Swing Air Jacks

  Lift vehicles off the runways

  9,000-lb. capacity
Extra-Wide Runways
Extra-Wide Runways

  22 1/2" runways accept wide vehicles

  Rub rails enhance drive-on safety

Two Movable Work Steps
Two Movable Work Steps

  12 secure positions

  Lightweight design
Flush Slipplates
Flush Slipplates

  Wheelbases up to 158"

  Tethered pins secure plates on basic models
Louvered Ramps
Louvered Ramps

  Prevent wheel spin

  More effective than diamond tread or abrasive strips

WinAlign® HD WT400 Series Consoles
Power Requirements   115/230V, 15 amp*, 50/60 Hz, 1 ph †
Processor   3.06 Ghz Intel® Core™ i3
Memory   4 GB of DDR3 SDRAM
Hard Drive   250.0 GB SATA Hard Drive (or greater)
DVD-RW/CD-RW Drive   Yes - Standard
Monitor Class   24" Widescreen or 27” Widescreen LCD 
(32” available on large console)
Wireless Network Module   Yes - Standard
Operating System   Windows® 7
Supports DSP506T/DSP306T Sensors   Yes - Standard
Supports TD Targets   Yes - Standard
Supports HD Targets   Yes - Standard
Large Console with Drawers   Yes - Standard
Compact Console with Printer Drawer   Yes - Standard
Console-top Storage and Charging   Yes - Standard
Color Ink Jet Printer   Yes - Standard
Award-Winning WinAlign® Software   Yes - Standard
Vehicle Specifications (30 plus years)   Yes - Standard - 2 Years Free Updates
Real-Time Specs Delivered by Web   Yes - Standard - 2 Years Free with WebSpecs®
CodeLink® Steering System Reset **   Yes - Standard
VIN Barcode Reader 
(limited functionality) ***
  Yes - Standard
Complete TPMS Reset Database   Yes - Standard
Live Ride Height Adjustment   Yes - Standard
Fully Integrated Alignment   Yes (FIA Equipped Rack Required)
Modified Vehicle Alignment   Yes - Standard with WinAlign Tuner™
Vehicle Inspection with Photos   Yes - Standard
Tools and Kits - Basic Catalog   Yes - Complete Standard
Tools and Kits - Video and Photos   Yes - Complete Standard
Equipment Video Help / Assistance   Yes - Standard
HunterNet featuring WebSpecs®   Yes - 2 Years Free Standard
Training and Productivity Aids   4,000+ Photos, 1,600+ Illustrations, 
400+ Videos and Animations
Supports TouchRemote   Yes - Standard
Steering Wheel Holder   Yes - Standard
Brake Pedal Depressor   Yes - Standard
Wireless Remote   Yes - Standard
Power Line Filter   Yes - Standard
Drive-on Camera Compatible   Yes - Standard
* Amperage shown is minimal circuit rating.
** Wireless CodeLink Included (Refer to Form 1708T for coverage information) 
*** VIN Spec Recall for HD Vehicles is not possible due to HD VIN limitations. AutoVIN for Light Duty vehicles is not currently supported in WinAlign 12.0, but will be supported in a future release. The Bar Code Scanner can be used with Spec Recall by VIN entry screen in WinAlign 12.0. 
† Isolated Ground Recommended
Sensor Compatibility

Console Configurations

Console dimensions listed are without sensors or accessories installed. For large and compact consoles, add 29 inches to width for TD targets and brackets. Add 32 inches to width for DSP506T sensors. Add 10 inches to depth for accessories. Add 9 inches to depth for DSP506T Sensors. Does not apply to column/wall-mount consoles.


Download WT400 Series Consoles Spec Sheet (.pdf)

Download WT300 Series Consoles Spec Sheet (.pdf)