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OCL430HD Brake Lathe

Key Features At A Glance
Pro-Comp® Compensation
Pro-Comp® Compensation
  Simple runout compensation
  Quick setup
Reverse Rotation
Reverse Rotation
  Easily service vehicles with excess driveline drag
Powerful Motor and Drive
Powerful Motor and Drive
  1.5-hp motor provides unmatched torque and speed

Pivoting Control Module
Pivoting Control Module
  Operates upright on either side of the vehicle
  Easily accessible adjustments
I-Beam Slide Design
I-Beam Slide Design
  Rigid construction
  Located away from debris

machine each rotor in minutes!
Machine Each Rotor in Minutes!
attach adaptor and lathe
Attach adaptor and lathe. 
  compensate lateral runout with single-point adjustment
Compensate lateral runout with single-point adjustment. 
  set cut depth and go
Set cut depth and go. 
  No need to remove hubs or rotors
  Avoid repacking bearings and replacing seals

anti-chatter technology
Anti-Chatter Technology
fixed speed
Fixed speed
  oscillating speed
Oscillating speed
  Oscillates machining speed to prevent buildup of vibration (chatter)
  Provides smoother surface finish
  Eliminates use of chatter bands

variable-speed drive system
Variable-Speed Drive System
No decrease in quality of surface  finish when speed is adjusted on the fly!
No decrease in quality of surface 
finish when speed is adjusted on the fly!
  Change speeds during machining
  Resurface rotors at fastest possible speed
  Service rotors on rear locking differentials without disconnecting the driveline

machine each rotor in minutes!
Precise Machining
Hunter staggered cutting pattern
Hunter staggered cutting pattern
  Typical spiral cutting pattern
Typical spiral cutting pattern
  Unique, staggered cutting pattern prevents radial "push-out" effect of typical spiral pattern
  Finished surface meets or exceeds OEM specifications
  Quality remains consistent regardless of cutting speed

Power requirements: 230VAC, single phase 50-60 Hz, 
9 amp, NEMA L6-20P

Rotor maximum... 
17.5 in. (445 mm) 
3.5 in. (89 mm)

Feed distance: 5.75 in. (146 mm)

Spindle speed: Adjustable and automatically variable (ACT), 0-120 rpm

Motor: 1.5 hp (1.12 kw) @ 3450 rpm

Overall dimensions 34.5 in. (L) x 35 in. (W) x 15 in. (H) (876 mm x 889 mm x 381 mm)

Trolley range... 
High position: 
32-45 in. (813 - 1143 mm) 
Low position: 
22-32 in. (559 - 813 mm)

Shipping weight: 328 lbs. (149 kg)

Because of continuing technological advancements, specifications, models and options are subject to change without notice.


Flange Adaptor

Flange Adaptor
10 x 335 mm

Covers HD truck applications, large bus/coach


Flange Adaptor

Flange Adaptor
8 x 285 mm, 10 x 11.25 in.

Covers bus service, HD trucks, imported Asian MD trucks, MD/HD truck applications [front axle]


Flange Adaptor

Flange Adaptor
Class 7 or class 8, 8 lug or 10 lug trucks [rear axle]



Product delivered to international markets may differ slightly in content to domestic product. Please consult your local distributor for details.

* Some specifications may vary depending on options chosen and application fitment.