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Inspection Lane

Key Features At A Glance
Hunter Computerized Inspection Lane

Find more work, obtain more customer authorizations, increase service revenue!

Much faster and more thorough than visual inspection.

No need to lift the vehicle or remove wheels.

Accurately measures vehicle as it performs on the road.

Easy-to-understand printouts help sell service.

Customizable configurations designed to meet your specific shop needs.

Surface-mounted system makes installation simple, relocation easy.

Low-profile design keeps write-up area clear.
  Present Complete Brake and Alignment 
Test Results in Less Than One Minute!†
test results

b400 brake tester
B400 Brake Tester

Displays test results in 30 seconds or less.

Brakes are tested as they perform on the road.

Tests brake balance, brake force, and deceleration.
winsi console and software
WinSI Console and Software

Guides operator through test sequence.

Graphically displays results.

Provides printouts for customer review and stores results for later recall.

Performs test after test automatically without operator even touching keyboard.
ss100 sideslip meter
SS100 Sideslip Meter

Quick, accurate test results within 30 seconds.

Checks for excessive sideslip caused by misalignment or worn parts.

Easy to perform – simply coast across tester at a walking pace.

Measure How Brakes Perform on the Road
The patented Hunter brake balance display shows brake test results in a way that clearly communicates needed repairs to the vehicle owner.
B400 Brake Tester Measures:

Side-to-side brake balance on front and rear axles

Front-to-rear brake balance*

Actual brake force


Vehicle weight

Plates use exclusive roller-bridge technology, moving only thousandths of an inch in order to operate. Very durable design uses minimal floor-level components.
  Increase Brake Service Revenue

Hunter surveys show that 12% of vehicles tested will show brake failure at one or more wheels. A typical four-wheel brake service job represents $180.00 in repair revenue.

This vehicle has a slight bias toward the front brakes. However, all arrows are green, indicating that balance is within acceptable limits. This vehicle will have good stopping distance.
This vehicle fails with front-to-rear imbalance. The rear brakes are too strong. This vehicle will have poor stopping distance and may spin in an emergency stop.
In a panic stop, which wheel will lock up first? In this example, it is the right front. This vehicle will have poor stopping distance and directional control.

Find Problems That Lead to Rapid Tire Wear
The Hunter Sideslip Meter quickly checks for vehicle sideslip caused by misalignment or worn parts. High sideslip leads to rapid tire wear.

Simple to Operate 
Simply coast over the tester at the rate of a slow walk. The amount of sideslip for each axle is measured independently with the results shown immediately on the console. 

B414-07-GLV Inspection Lane configuration with a WI132 console. (WinSI Inspection consoles must be purchased separately.)

simple to operate

increase alignment service
Increase Alignment Service Revenue
Hunter surveys show that 30% or more of vehicles will typically exhibit either alignment problems or worn parts. Alignment alone typically represents a minimum of $80.00 in service revenue and is one of the most profitable services in your shop.
sideslip meter
Sideslip Meter
The Sideslip Meter is available in a flush-mount (SS104P) configuration (shown here) or above-ground (SS104) configuration.
In a panic stop, which wheel will lock up first? In this example, it is the right front. This vehicle will have poor stopping distance and directional control.

Inspection Printouts Help Sell Needed Repair Work

inspection result printouts
Inspection Result Printouts
Test results feature easy-to-understand graphics to help service writers sell needed service to customers. All printouts may be customized to include items such as customer information and your shop's logo.
point and click  inspections
Point & Click Inspections

Patented Point & Click Inspection feature utilizes 4,000 vehicle-specific inspection photos (requires Digital Photo option) to illustrate parts needing repair.

Point & Click printouts provide a printed description and a digital photo of parts needing replacement to help sell this service.

tire inspections
Tire Inspections
Tire inspection printouts show tire wear problems, air pressure measurements and other wear characteristics in simple graphic detail to help sell tire service.

Uniform Standards and Guidelines
Motorist Assurance Program (MAP) Guidelines are included in WinSI software.
Inspection Lane Configurations
typical configuration

Inspection lane components are modular and may be purchased as stand-alone units or combined in four different configurations to meet your needs or site requirements.

For detailed information about the best configuration for your shop, refer to Form 3920-T – Configuration Guide.


WinSI Console

WI132 Standard inspection lane console with 19" color LCD flat-panel monitor.


WinSI System Specifications and Standard Accessories

  WinSI software
  Intel® processor
  DVD ROM drive
  HP color printer
  Wireless remoute
  Keyboard and mouse