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Hunter HawkEye Elite® Premium

Key Features At A Glance
New adaptor design!

Faster setups!

No metal-to-metal contact!

No knob twisting!

More information on Hunter's new QuickGrip® wheel adaptors...
New target design!

Lighter design!

Narrower profile!

Faster readings!

More information on Hunter's new three-dimensional targets...
Compensate all wheels and capture initial measurements in one motion.

High-resolution cameras!
Four high-resolution cameras provide alignment measurements with pin-point accuracy.
New console design!
Integrated storage and charging for popular accessories. *†
Patented steering system 
reset integration!

Reset computerized steering systems on a wide variety of vehicles with one simple tool.

More information on CodeLink®...

Convenient storage!
Store targets within arm's reach to maximize productivity.
Recall specs in a snap!

Recall OE specs and vehiclespecific alignment procedures instantly.**
Fully Integrated Alignment

FIA streamlines the entire alignment process.

Communication links automate tasks once performed by the technician manually, eliminating time-consuming trips around the vehicle and to-and-from the console.

More information on Fully Integrated Alignment...

customized column cap
Customized column cap
Make your alignment bay stand out. Hunter's lighted sensor column cap can be customized with your logo or shop name. (available for most sensor configurations)
TPMSpecs® pulls together over 100TPMS procedures into a simple, yet comprehensive, user-friendly format for the technician.

More information on TPMSpecs®...
TouchRemote® feature
Operate WinAlign using your Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices. Standard with WA400 consoles running WinAlign 12 software. Requires a free app from iTunes® (search for "Hunter TouchRemote"). Requires Apple iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. (sold separately)

Drive-on camera
Safely and easily position a vehicle on a lift with one technician. WinAlign® software supports the use of a drive-on camera, which uses the aligner screen as a guide. 
(Drive-on camera sold separately.)
Adjustable Clamp Arms
One set of adjustable arms covers the same clamping range as standard multi-arm kit.

* Available only on mobile WA400 consoles.
** Standard with WA400 consoles, optional with WA300 consoles. 
† Remote Indicator sold separately.
WinAlign® WA400 Series Consoles
Power Requirements   115/230V, 15 amp*, 50/60 Hz, 1 ph †
Processor   3.06 Ghz Intel® Core™ i3
Memory   4 GB of DDR3 SDRAM
Hard Drive   250.0 GB SATA Hard Drive (or greater)
DVD-RW/CD-RW Drive   Yes - Standard
Monitor Class   24" Widescreen or 27” Widescreen LCD 
(32” available on large console)
Wireless Network Module   Yes - Standard
Operating System   Windows® 7
Supports TD Targets   Yes - Standard
Supports HD Targets   Yes - Standard
Large Console with Drawers   Yes - Standard
Compact Console with Printer Drawer   Yes - Standard
Console-top Storage and Charging   Yes - Standard
Color Ink Jet Printer   Yes - Standard
Award-Winning WinAlign® Software   Yes - Standard
Vehicle Specifications (30 plus years)   Yes - Standard - 2 Years Free Updates
Real-Time Specs Delivered by Web   Yes - Standard - 2 Years Free with WebSpecs®
CodeLink® Steering System Reset   Yes - Standard
VIN Barcode Reader   Yes - Standard
Complete TPMS Reset Database   Yes - Standard
Live Ride Height Adjustment   Yes - Standard
Fully Integrated Alignment   Yes (FIA Equipped Rack Required)
Modified Vehicle Alignment   Yes - Standard with WinAlign Tuner™
Vehicle Inspection with Photos   Yes - Standard
Tools and Kits - Basic Catalog   Yes - Complete Standard
Tools and Kits - Video and Photos   Yes - Complete Standard
Equipment Video Help / Assistance   Yes - Standard
HunterNet featuring WebSpecs®   Yes - 2 Years Free Standard
Training and Productivity Aids   4,000+ Photos, 1,600+ Illustrations, 
400+ Videos and Animations
Supports TouchRemote   Yes - Standard
Steering Wheel Holder   Yes - Standard
Brake Pedal Depressor   Yes - Standard
Wireless Remote   Yes - Standard
Power Line Filter   Yes - Standard
Drive-on Camera Compatible   Yes - Standard
* Amperage shown is minimal circuit rating
† Isolated Ground Recommended
Sensor Compatibility

Console Configurations

Console dimensions listed are without accessories installed. For large and compact consoles, add 29 inches to width for TD targets and brackets. Add 10 inches to depth for accessories. Does not apply to column/wall-mount consoles.

Choose the right alignment console for your shop!
Remote Indicator sold separately.