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Key Features At A Glance
Load Roller

  Roller detects high spot of tire and allows matching

  Measures entire contact patch for accurate results
Bottom-Dead-Center Laser

  Speeds tape-weight placement

  Improves accuracy
Printer Option

  Prints service report

  Explain results to customers

automatic mode detection

  Odometer tracks savings

  Minimizes weight usage

  Maximizes productivity
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Dataset® Arms

  Auto-select balancing mode

  Perform runout measurement on rim
hammerhead option
HammerHead™ Option

  Speeds clip-weight placement

  Improves balance

Wheel Lift

  Easily lift wheel assemblies
up to 500 lbs.

  Aids proper mounting

  Ensures proper centering

  Eliminates setup errors
Balance any size wheel

  Service cars and light-trucks

  Uses standard adaptors

ForceMatch® helps eliminate wheel-related vibration

Locate a Shop with the ForceMatch HD Balancer

Concise TPMS information 
for passenger-car service

  Complicated procedures made simple

  Eliminate reference manuals
Find out more about TPMSpecs™ Database

Recall procedures by VIN with barcode scanner (sold separately).

Present TPMS info to customers through internet-connected computers.

Popular equipment accessories
HammerHead™ Top-Dead-Center Laser

  Greater weight placement accuracy to avoid mistakes

  More single-spin balances improve productivity and shop profitability

  Overhead fluorescent light illuminates work area



Hunter offers a complete line of heavy-duty truck, bus, passenger car and 
light truck accessories to customize your balancer to your service needs.

Color Printer

  Help sell premium service

  Explain results to customer
Convenient Storage Options

  Adaptor tree conveniently stores oversized balancer accessories.

  Available as a field-installed option.
Power Requirements   196-253V, 10 amp, 50/60 Hz, 
1 ph (Power cable includes: NEMA 20 amp plug, L6-20P)
Air Supply Requirements   100-175 psi (7-12 bar)
Rim Width   1.5 in to 19.5 in (38 mm to 495 mm)
Rim Diameter   10 in to 30 in (254 mm to 762 mm)*
ALU   7.5 in to 38 in (191 mm to 965 mm)*
Auto Inside Dataset® Range   10 in to 30 in (254 mm to 762 mm)
Max. Tire Diameter   52 in (1321 mm)
Max. Tire Width   19.5 in (495 mm)
Max. Tire Weight   500 lbs (227 kg)
Min. Tire Diameter for Roller Application   26 in (660 mm)
Imbalance Resolution   ± 0.05 oz (1.0 g)
Placement Accuracy   512 positions, ± 0.35°
Balancing Speed   100 rpm
Motor   Programmable drive system and DC motor
Shipping Weight   832 lbs (377 kg)
* Extreme wheel sizes may require manual data entry
Model Features / Dimensions

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