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Combination Lathes

Key Features At A Glance
Digi-Cal Option

  Instantly measures drum or rotor dimensions

  Helps technicians quickly determine total indicated runout
Choice of Lathe Tooling

  Includes positive rake tooling

  Durable negative rake tooling available as an option
Adjustable Feed Rate

  Dial fast for rapid removal or slow for final surface finish

  One-cut pass capable

Self-Aligning Nut Option*

  Speeds setup

  Prevents overtightening and mounting errors
Disc/Drum Control Lockout

  Eliminates potential "crashing" of machine

  Warning indication reminder
Clamp Screw

  Allows quick setup change from rotors to drums

Built-in Tool Tray

  Keeps tools within easy reach
Adjustable Spindle Speeds

  Provides correct speed for all size workpieces

  No tools required
Twin Work Lamps

  Adjustable lamps illuminate both sides of workpiece

  Includes built-in deflector shield

Optional Dust Containment System
Optional Dust Containment System

  Designed to contain brake machining dust and metal particles that can potentially stain wet surfaces in the automotive shop environment
Bench Optional
Optional Bench

  Lathe bench with backboard(72-326-1) Includes chip tray, storage hooks and literature holder (if ordered separately).
Brake Lathe Packages and Accessories

  Includes adaptors to service most passenger car, light truck and medium-duty applications!


* Option depending on selected model.

6" to 23"
Maximum Width: 
Maximum Thickness: 

 6" to 28"
Maximum Width:

Maximum Weight on 1” arbor: 200 lbs.

Spindle Speed(s):
85, 110, 175 rpm
155 rpm

Feed Rate: 
.002 to .014 in/rev (infinitely variable)
0.003 in/rev.

Motor: 1.5 hp

Power Requirements: 115/230 V, 15/7.5 amp 
50/60 Hz, 1-ph

Shipping Weight: 525 lbs. (approx.)


BL500 series lathe packages**

Basic Packages 

BL505 – Lathe with basic adaptors 
Includes combination brake lathe with standard accessory kit [20-1459-1].

BL505-B – Lathe with bench and basic adaptors
Includes combination brake lathe, bench with backboard, chip tray, storage hooks and standard accessory kit [20-1459-1].


HunterPro Packages 

BL505-A – HunterPro lathe package 
Package contains combination brake lathe and Standard HunterPro accessory kit [20-1690-1]. Adaptors NOT included. 

BL505-AB – HunterPro lathe package with bench 
Includes BL505 combination brake lathe, bench with backboard, chip tray, storage hooks and Standard HunterPro accessory kit [20-1690-1]. Adaptors NOT included.

Hunter Passenger Car and Light Truck Adaptor Kits

  Customize your Hunter BL500 series lathe to match your service needs. Select the appropriate adaptor kit to service most rotors, drums and flywheels.
HunterPro Passenger Car Adaptor Kit - 20-1665-1
  Consists of hubbed and hubless adaptors covering a whole wide range of applications fitting most passenger car rotors, drums and flywheels, including composites.
HunterPro Dual QuickChuck™ Adaptor Kit - 20-2614-1
  Consists of hubbed and hubless adaptors and three-jaw chuck mounting system. Covers a wide range of applications for most rotors, drums and flywheels for passenger cars, light trucks and larger light trucks.
HunterPro Elite Cone Adaptor Kit - 20-2615-1

  Consists of hubbed and hubless adaptors covering a wide range of applications for most passenger cars, light truck and larger light trucks, including composites.
Wrenchless self-aligning nut - 

  Elminates over-torquing arbor nut

  Works as arbor spacer and nut

  Included standard in BL505-A and BL505-AB lathe packages.
Dual QuickChuck adaptor - 

  Ideal for use with hubless drums

  Quick setup with unparalleled centering ability

* Some specifications may vary depending upon workpiece configurations or may require optional adaptors.

** To order Hunter’s Digi-Cal measurement option, add “D” after the model number (e.g., BL505-D).

Single speed lathes can be ordered by requesting BL501 instead of BL505. 


Product delivered to international markets may differ slightly in content to domestic product. Please consult your local distributor for details.