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Key Features At A Glance
CodeLink® provides a simple, integrated solution...
Simple and affordable

  Automatically identifies candidate vehicles.

  Incorporates reset steps into the alignment.

  Uses aligner screen to display instructions.

  Comes standard with system - no extra costs for expensive diagnostic scan tools.

  Updates automatically with system software upgrades.

  Dedicated alignment tool.
Fully Integrated to Save Time

  Simplified reset instructions replace confusing OEM procedures
No Expensive Tools or Software Needed

  One tool replaces multiple OEM scan tools

Finishes the job right
Printed documentation confirms that steering system reset was completed properly

  No other reset tool matches CodeLink's patented integration with the alignment procedure.

  Guarantees precision with exact steering system sensor thresholds.

  Reduces errors that result in customer comebacks.

The new last step in alignment service
The new last step… 
CodeLink's patented integration “links” the vehicle OBD-II system to the aligner to measure SAS position and reset the sensor referenced to the vehicle’s alignment geometry.
CodeLink® advantages:

  Integrated with Hunter WinAlign® systems

  Simple instructions shown on aligner screen

  Only one tool required

  Wireless communication with aligner

  Resets SAS and other related sensors

  Alignment printouts document reset

Nearly 30 million vehicles require Steering Angle Sensor reset… and growing!

By 2012, all new vehicles sold in the U.S.A. will be equipped with Electronic Stability Control. Many will require SAS reset.

Source: Hunter Engineering Company Research

Hunter's CodeLink® supports these OEM-mandated Steering Angle Sensor reset procedures*

*Steering Angle Sensor reset requirements vary based on model and year. Please see Hunter's Vehicle Suspension Adjustment Information (Form 1708-T) for detailed model and year coverage.

† Although steering angle sensors are most common, CodeLink also resets other related sensors when required, such as the deceleration sensor, torque angle sensor, the yaw rate sensor, etc.

Many Hunter alignment systems are upgradable. CodeLink requires WinAlign software 11.0 or greater. See your Hunter sales or service representative for more information. Specifications, models and options are subject to change without notice.