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Key Features At A Glance
Leverless Tool Head

  Positions bead without levers

  Prevents damage to tire and rim
Push-Button Controls

  Simple, three-button control

  Easiest operation in its class
Diameter Control

  Operates all diameter functions from a single point

  Retains diameter until reset

Wheel Support Plate

  Handles wide range of wheels

  Provides extra gripping force

  Three adjustable work heights
Quick Clamp with Cam Plate

  Safely secures wheel through hub

  Speeds clamping process
Electric Motor

  Exerts over 850 foot-pounds of torque

  Variable speed

Mount/Demount Rollers

  Gently rolls bead from rim

  No rim contact
Bead Press Arm

  Helps mount difficult tires

  Holds sidewalls into drop-center position
Blast Inflator

  Directs bursts of air to help seat bead
Site Requirements

Shown with optional wheel lift.


Shown with optional wheel lift.
Power Requirements   208-230V, 15A, 60Hz, 1 ph NEMA 20 amp plug, L6-20P   208-230V, 15A, 60Hz, 1 ph NEMA 20 amp plug, L6-20P
Air Supply Requirements   115-145 psi (8-10 bar)   115-145 psi (8-10 bar)
Shipping Weight   1,039 lbs (471 kg)   849 lbs (294 kg)
Shipping Weight with Wheel Lift   1,128 lbs (511 kg)   915 lbs (415 kg)
Width (W)   43 in. (1,092 mm)   44 in. (1,118 mm)
Height (H)   72 in. (1,829 mm)   71 in. (1,803 mm)
Depth (D)   60 in. (1,524 mm) 
78 in. (1,981 mm) 
with wheel lift
  50 in. (1,270 mm)

Key Specifications
Mount / Demount Tool   Polymer Self 
Inserting Leverless
  Polymer Self 
Inserting Leverless
Clamping Type   Center w/Quick Clamp and Cam Plate   Center w/Quick Clamp and Cam Plate
Bead Loosening Type   Upper / Lower Roller   Rollers or Shovel
Match Mounting Capable   Yes   Yes
Adjustable Clamping Height   Yes   No
Rim Diameter Range   10-30 / 12-32 / 14-34 in.   10-24 / 12-26 / 14-28 in.
Maximum Tire Diameter   50 / 52 / 54 in.   41 / 43 / 45 in.
Maximum Wheel Width   19 in.   15 in.
Drive   Variable up to 14 rpm CW 
7 rpm CCW 
Torque: 867 ft-lbs (1175 Nm)
  Variable up to 14 rpm CW 
7 rpm CCW 
Torque: 867 ft-lbs (1175 Nm)
19.5 Inch Wheel Adaptor
Optional adaptor adds clamping capability for 19.5 in. wheels with large center holes. 
Flange Plate Kit 
Optional kit is ideal for plastic-faced wheels or reverse wheels where maximum protection is needed. 
Basic Flange Plate Kit
Optional kit ideal for shop that handles plastic-clad wheels without need of reverse applications. 
Contoured Press Head
Optional bead press head for special applications. Required by BMW. 
PAX Tire System Kit
Optional kit for servicing Michelin® PAX® systems. 
Mirror Kit
Standard mirror helps locate and position lower roller disc on bead. 


Product delivered to international markets may differ slightly in content to domestic product. Please consult your local distributor for details.